Discovering Best Teams for Data Leak Aware Crowdsourcing in Social Networks


Crowdsourcing is emerging as a powerful paradigm to help perform a wide range of tedious tasks in various enterprise applications. As such applications become more and more complex, crowdsourcing systems often require the collaboration of several experts connected through professional/social networks and organized in various teams. For instance, a well-know car manufacturer asked fans to contribute ideas for the kinds of technologies that should be incorporated into one of its cars. For that purpose, fans needed to collaborate and form teams competing with each others to come up with the best ideas. However, once teams are formed, each one would like to provide the best solution and treat that solution as a “trade secret”, hence preventing any data leak to its competitors (i.e., the other teams). In this paper, we propose a data leak aware crowdsourcing system called SocialCrowd. We introduce a clustering algorithm that uses social relation ships between crowd workers to discover all possible teams while avoiding inter-team data leakage. We also define a ranking mechanism to select the “best” team configurations. Our mechanism is based on the semiring approach defined in the area of soft constraints programming. Finally, we present experiments to assess the efficiency of the proposed approach.


Data Leak Aware Crowdsourcing in Social Network
  • 9 décembre 2012
  • Université Paris Sorbone Cité, Paris Descartes, France
Friendlysourcing: Data Disclosure Aware Discovering Collaborative and Competitive Clusters in Social Network
  • 1 mai 2013
  • Université Paris Descartes, France RMIT University, Australia
Be a Collaborator and a Competitor in Crowdsourcing System
  • 29 avril 2014
  • Université Paris Sorbone Cité Paris Descartes France, Freie Universitat Berlin Germany
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